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Bat2Com.zipdownloads: 128 | type: zip | size: 0 kB

Convert any BAT (batch) file to a COM file. Includes a simple example of a batch file with parameters.

Bat2Exe.zipdownloads: 85 | type: zip | size: 0 kB

Compile your batch files to EXE for added speed. Large batch files often run annoyingly slowly.  Compiling them with BAT2EXEC will increase both your productivity and satisfaction.

Regedit.zipdownloads: 71 | type: zip | size: 0 kB

If you want to change a restricted users registry quickly, this GREAT util will not pop the error "your admin... has disabled registry editor...". See Readme.txt in the ZIP file.

Genius 2.0downloads: 83 | type: zip | size: 0 kB

You can check mail, finger, scan ports, detect port scans and much more from your system tray

Tell me wheredownloads: 85 | type: zip | size: 0 kB

You type a user name and it shows the PC where he/she is logged on. Think of the potential.

CheckAdmindownloads: 79 | type: zip | size: 0 kB

Extremely useful application that will scan your domain and report which user belongs to the Administrator group.

FreePingdownloads: 93 | type: zip | size: 0 kB

Ping multiple hosts continues in one view, predefine ping interval, packet size, and warning. Great program to see if hosts are still alive.

RNPingdownloads: 126 | type: zip | size: 0 kB

Ping, trace route and do Name Resolution in one small program.

TripWire Exploit Posterdownloads: 98 | type: pdf | size: 0 kB

TripWire Exploit Poster

Protocol Posterdownloads: 109 | type: pdf | size: 0 kB

Protocol Poster

Decodes Posterdownloads: 85 | type: pdf | size: 0 kB

Decodes Poster

Communications Protocol Posterdownloads: 81 | type: pdf | size: 0 kB

Communications Protocol Poster

Protocol Family Encapsulations Posterdownloads: 102 | type: pdf | size: 0 kB

Protocol Family Encapsulations Poster

1-13 of 13